Four Layered Takes

Secure Endings and Monetary Farewells: Our Review of ”Insecure” S5 episode 10

December 30, 2021

In today's show, we review episode 10 and series finale of "Insecure", season 5.

Our takes... the busted pipe storyline was wasted if we get no wet, shirtless Kofi; day 3 of a twist-out is always undefeated; Mimi conflates character Molly with actual Nigerians; Marcus wants the Lawrence/BMF spinoff; the episode ended with Issa and Molly in Mel’s mind (bump that Lawrence stuff); the hair on Insecure was always on point, unlike some other "bad wig" Black shows; plus the “Omarion” variant “Touches” one of our takes crew.

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