Four Layered Takes

Houston, Ashy Otis Redding Has Left the Dock: Our Review of ”Insecure” S5 episode 9

December 22, 2021

In today's show, we review episode 9 of "Insecure" (the messiest of them all), season 5.

Our takes... Chad always sneak-dissin’; Lawrence aka “The Hatin’ Otis Redding”; we approve of this Molly and Taurean sitch; Kim w/ some messy ex, tales; Nathan has Chopped & Screwed dialect; the “Proxy BBQ Wars” begin; THC stands for “Truth Honesty and Communication”; Lawrence gives Dwayne Wayne energy; we have a MAJOR debate about what is or isn’t an F’boy; Mel has a solution for Issa’s love triangle; finally, Ahmal is the winner of this episode.

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